**All bookings will require a non-refundable part payment at the time of booking, minimum £50 depending on the Detailing package - NO EXCEPTIONS


PRO 1.0

Starting at £180

  • Vehicle pre-washed cleanse

  • Alloy wheels pre treated and left to dwell in non acidic cleaner

  • Tyre walls deep cleaned using APC concentrate

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove all chemicals

  • Paintwork and glass treated to a luxurious safe wash process, using PH neutral shampoo and plush mitt

  • Door shuts cleaned

  • Alloy wheels cleaned using suds and wheel whoolies (drums included where adequate access is gained)

  • Vehicle rinsed in prep for decontamination stages

  • Tar and fallout deposits chemically removed from paintwork and alloy wheels using dedicated tar and fallout removers

  • Final thorough rinse of all products in prep for drying stages

  • Vehicle fully dried using plush towels and filtered air

  • Glass cleaned and polished throughout

  • Liquid LSP applied to all Exterior paint surfaces for a deep gloss finish and added protection (*Premium upgrade available)

  • Alloy wheels sealed using high temperature LSP

  • Tyres dressed

  • Thorough vacuum of vehicles Interior (*cabin only)

  • All Interior trims cleaned and dressed